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  • ASR S.L. is a Member of the District Association of Property Administrators of Malaga, Membership Nº 2643
  • Member of the European Association of Real Estate Managers and Administrators (AEGAI) Nº 03264
  • Independent Civil Liability Insurance of the European Association of Real Estate Managers and Administrators up to €1,200,000 per insured person with a sub-ceiling of €60,000 for documented damages per claim and year
  • Graduate of Management of Communities of Owners (member of the Spanish Polytechnic of graduates)
  • Real Estate Legal Expert Nº 00312
  • Expert in business planning and control in Community Administration
  • Real Estate Management Graduate
  • Fulfilment of the Spanish Data Protection Act 15/1999.

The District Association of Property Administrators of Malaga guarantees the actions of its members with two types of insurance: Civil Liability – up to 400,000 euros in civil liability cases where the courts may find the administrator member responsible for a certain act or omission. Civil Liability originating from a criminal offence – up to 12,020.24 euros through the Credit and Surety company.

The Malaga Association of Property Administrators bases the professional guarantees of its members on seven fundamental points:


The Association provides a complete consultancy service available exclusively for its members.


University or private theoretical training is not sufficient to guarantee a professional level of service. The great complexity of Spanish legislation makes it necessary to continuously follow courses, attend talks and conferences so that Community Administrators are kept up to date on all matters falling within their competence, thus guaranteeing in their professional practice the level of service and consultancy the client deserves.


The Association of Property Administrators makes available to its members a completely up-to-date Data Base regarding legislation and jurisprudence as well as other documentation such as: Consumer Price Indexes; sale or rental prices on the private or Official Protection market; work contracts; rental or sale of properties; benefits for property refurbishment; technical inspections of buildings; regulations of Autonomous Regions, Town Halls, etc.


The aim of the Association is:

  • To provide and reduce costs and to make the services given to their clients by member administrators stand out from others.
  • To make available products and services to members under competitive conditions.
  • To provide members with specialised consultancy services.


The job of ADMINISTRATOR is one of TRUST as clients delegate to him/her matters of finance, administration, law and maintenance of their properties.

Therefore, separate from the criminal or civil liability that may originate from a member’s act, the disciplinary regulations will be applied to him/her and arbitrary acts of members of the Association will be penalised if necessary. Added liability and ethical duty is therefore established.


The Malaga Association of Property Administrators guarantees the actions of its members with two types of insurance.


This is one of the examples of the defence of citizens’ or consumer interests carried out by the Association of Property Administrators, independent from the defence of the profession.

It is risky to entrust the destiny of your property to someone who is not qualified or subject to any collegiate discipline, whose income is not declarable and who demonstrates a lack of social solidarity with no security of action.

The Malaga Association of Property Administrators guarantees that professional Community Administrators are duly PREPARED and INFORMED, that they are subject to professional ethics regulated by Association’s Disciplinary Regulations and backed by FINANCIAL GUARANTEES of civil liability and surety insurance, which ensure trust for the company and the citizen.