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Community Administration

We are one of the leading community administration companies on the Costa del Sol, providing our clients with a personalised management service which meets all requirements at all times.

Our wide experience means that we know how to manage all the shortcomings and the multitude of errors that can arise in a community of owners due to a lack of awareness which can result in bad management, bad maintenance, bad relations between owners and high community fees and so reduce exponentially the value of the properties.

We are specialists in the recovery of bad debts, applying innovative techniques to such process and at present averaging 97% in the collection of community fees.

We provide bi-lingual services (Spanish – English) and can guarantee that obligations of good management will be fulfilled by providing all kinds of documentary guarantees as regards management and liability cover, complying strictly with current legal regulations relating to Horizontal Property.

Our company is made up of professionals specialised in administration and management of communities which means we can meet all the requirements of our clients in the property sector.

All this adds up to direct, practical and daily benefits for owners as well as representatives of the community and a better quality of life. When everything goes well, coexistence also works well.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

  • Our company is a Professional Limited Liability Company
  • Our company is a member of the Property Administration Association of Malaga and Melilla
  • We provide external legal consultancy with no additional cost to our clients in the event that they have exhausted other ways of collecting payment of an existing bad debt.
  • We are legal experts
  • Strict in-house monitoring of quality control
  • Personalised client support
  • Highly qualified personnel who undergo constant training
  • Online access to community data by means of passwords
  • Bi-lingual Spanish-English services

Come and visit us in our offices, we will be more than happy to advise you.